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(June 1, 2008) Cops Helping Cops is now on FACEBOOK!!!.



(May 16, 2008) - The NYC PBA donates to Cops Helping Cops


(February 22, 2008) - Cops Helping Cops will be featured on America's Most Wanted February 23rd on FOX


(January 22, 2008) - America's Most Wanted joins Cops Helping Cops to rebuild our next home


(December 3, 2007) - Cops Helping Cops evolves as it takes on its first Firefighters home.


(November 10, 2007) - Cops Helping Cops Announces there will be a Firefighters only trip in December.


(September 4, 2007)  - Cops Helping Cops announces a push to accomplish 4 homes before Christmas.


August 18, 2007-FDNY Announces the Deaths of Firefighters Joseph Graffagnino and Robert Beddia


(August 2, 2007) - Cops Helping Cops invited to attend NYC PBA conference at the end of August.


(July 31, 2007)  -  Cops Helping Cops returns and recognizes a growing trend plaguing NOPD Officers.


(June 2nd, 2007)  -  Member of the NYC PBA signs up for our July trip.


(May 15, 2007)  -  Cops Helping Cops helps NOPD Officer who had been through some bad times


(February 23, 2007) - Cops Helping Cops talks with the lead singer from "Big Shot", the Ultimate Billy Joel experience.


(January 15, 2007) - Cops Helping Cops returns from New Orleans and helps eight more Officers.


(December 15, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops attends PBA Holiday meeting for NYPD.


(November 18, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops sets next date to head back to New Orleans


(November 14, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops speaks at the NYPD's PBA meeting.


(October 10, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops meets with the NYPD PBA.


(September 6, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops returns after building the first home.


(August 25, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops is underway for the first set of homes to be rebuilt.


(July 31, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops gets the go-ahead from the  Police and Justice Foundation and the first Police Officers home is  slated to begin construction.


(July 29, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops meets with rescuee, Martina Diolulu, for the first time since she was rescued.


(July 28, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops gets backing from N.O.P.D. and Office of Homeland Security

(July 15, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops decides to head back to meet with New Orleans Mayor


(May 15, 2006) - Mid State Oil tools donates tractor trailer which will be used for....


(June 10, 2006) - BTS Graphics helps design what will be the new Cops Helping Cops Logo....


(April 30, 2006) - Camelbak donates Camelbak Hydration Packs to help in the rebuilding of N.O.P.D. Officers.....


(April 27, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops receives backing from Michigan Sheriffs Assoc....


(April 2, 2006) - Cops Helping Cops Heads back down to New Orleans to survey damage
(October 1, 2005) - Osceola County Sheriffs' Office Answers the call to help


(September 6, 2006) - Camelbak donates hydrations packs making SAR operations more....


(September 3, 2005) - Norms Sport and Marine joins SAR mission and helps provide assets....


(September 3, 2005) - Members, of what was to be Cops Helping Cops, were now entering New Orleans.; ...the foundation of Cops Helping Cops is formed.




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