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 Cops Helping Cops News - Mid-State Oil Tools


Mid-State Oil Tools

1934 Commercial Drive Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 / Phone 989.773.4114  / Fax 989.773.4227



May 15, 2006


Mid-State Oil tools donates tractor trailer to Cops Helping Cops


A Michigan based company dug deep into their pockets and donated a 1993 International Freight Liner Semi-truck.  John Keathley, owner of Mid-State Oil Tools, had decided that the cause Cops helping Cops was an important one and handed the keys to Undersheriff Fowler.  "This is going to be a huge help for us" Fowler said.  "We will now be able to bring more during critical times thus being more effective."

The Semi-truck will be used for hauling converted semi-trailers.  These semi-trailers will be converted into conference rooms, sleeping quarters, Mess Halls, and Bathing units.  The converted trailers will also provide shelter from the weather, bugs and local wildlife.  Christopher Lyons, the East Coast Director and SAR specialist for Cops Helping Cops, said: "If it wasn't bad enough we were out rescuing all day, at night we were sleeping on the ground and it was 90-100 with high humidity.  To make things even more fun while trying to get a good nights sleep, we were being eaten by fire ants and chiggers.  I didn't even know what a chiggers was before I went down there.  But just when you thought that was bad, I ended up in Cameron Parish after Hurricane Rita.  There, we had alligators and snakes stroll through our camp at night.  It didn't exactly make for a great sleep."

The Semi-tractor will also allow Cops Helping Cops to carry more supplies, tools, medical equipment, food, water, fuel and other items not easily found after a disaster.














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