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(July 29, 2006)


Cops Helping Cops meets with rescuee, Martina Diolulu, for the first time since she was rescued


Cops helping Cops, took a break from meetings on Saturday and Headed to Baton Rouge, LA for a very special reunion.  63 year old  Martina Diolulu survived 10 days in water, sometimes as high as her waist, with no food, water or sleep.  This would be the first time since Martina was rescued, that she would see some of the people who rescued her almost a year ago.

Undersheriff Dave fowler and Chris Lyons met Martina Saturday evening and it was very emotional for all.  Martina then got another surprise when Chris and Dave gave her a DVD player so she could watch her rescue unfold.  Her rescue had been caught on tape last September 8 by NBC's Dateline.  "It was tough to watch", Chris said, "She was one of the last people taken out of that mess". 

Dave and Chris spoke for hours with Martina while she cooked them an official Southern Louisiana meal.  Afterwards, it was decided that Martina wanted to visit where she once lived.  Martina was brought back to New Orleans late Saturday night and Sunday, they headed over to where it all began.

"When we rescued Martina over a year ago, I marked her house with a symbol used by Search and Rescue teams and it said that we had found a survivor", Chris said.  "And now I have a picture of Martina standing under it a year later in perfect health.  Its one of the best moments anyone could ask for".  Undersheriff Dave Fowler spoke with Martina about how she felt being back there.  "She was floored as she walked through the door and saw the disaster left behind", he said.  "However, she was happy to be alive and have a second chance".

Martina, like many others, lost everything she owned.  But if you ask her, she is the happiest lady in the world.  "God sent these men to me.  Without them I wouldn't be here.  It's another reason that just shows God is great!'







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