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Saturday February 23rd

9pm EST / 8pm CST on FOX

Cops Helping Cops will be featured 

on America's Most Wanted.


February 22, 2008

Cops Helping Cops, a foundation started by Christopher Lyons and Osceola County Undersheriff David Fowler, will be featured on America's Most Wanted this Saturday night. 

In December 2007, during another Cops Helping Cops trip, Cofounder Christopher Lyons found an officer, Justin "Jay" Vitrano, who was living in sub-standard living Conditions.  To view the footage of what the home looked like, please click this link:

Not wanting anyone living like this, Chris then moved toward getting the officer an apartment and raised a few months rent.  This would change the officer's  current living conditions, especially going through the holidays.  Next was the task of helping the officers future.

Dave and Chris in the middle of this were faced with another major problem.  The funding they had been drawing from, which was given to us solely by the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, had ran out.  Originally, the two were going to start working toward getting grants, but now there was no time for that.  They agreed to take a chance and use their own personal credit cards and monies to finance the entire trip.  There was no way an Emergency Service Person was going to live like this.

Terry Jungel, Excutive Director of the Michigan Sheriff's Association, called a contact he had at America's Most wanted and told them of what was happening with this Sgt. Vitrano.  Through pictures and video, John Walsh and the show immediately jumped on board to help.

As the trip grew near, other people and business came on board to help.  David Sanders, an interior designer from Los Angeles, California who is part of Bravo's new TV show, Millionaire Matchmaker, offered his talents in helping design the home.  David even went so far as to fly down and make sure all went well with that part of the remodeling.  David also contacted David Mutter of Doerr Furniture.  Mr. Mutter kindly donated all the livingroom and dining room furniture.

Original Sponsors of Cops Helping Cops also stepped forward.  ESS provided everyone ballistic eyewear, JW Marriott discounted rooms, BTS Graphics and Printing provided all the literature, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car helped with discounted rentals.

Other companies also came to the rescue.  Sleepy's, a Long Island based company that sells quality mattresses, and their partner, Kings Down, donated all the bedding for not only Sgt. Vitrano, but his two children.  These two companies even went so far as to send down an extra Queen size bed after Cops Helping Cops told them of another Officer who was involved in an accident while on the job chasing an armed robbery suspect.  This Officers home is also in need of repairs.

Sprint/Nextel even stepped forward and generously presented Cops Helping Cops with a check for $5,000.

All in all the trip was a huge success.  45 Volunteers from all over came to help.  There were Sheriff's and deputies from Michigan, members of the NYPD and FDNY, Search and Rescue personel, fellow NOPD Officers, and a Colorado State Trooper.  Even members of the America's Most Wanted crew pitched in to help. 

So far only $14,800 of the staggering $80,000 bill has been raised toward the cost of this trip.

Cops Helping Cops is hoping that once people see just what they are up against, they will generously donate the much needed funds and supplies.  Not only for this trip, but for future trips to rebuild.

Please check your local listings for when this show airs and show your support. 

Thank you.




(January 22, 2007)

America's Most Wanted joins Cops Helping Cops to rebuild our next home

Cops helping Cops will be joined by the crew of America's Most Wanted next month and will be working toward helping Sgt. Justin Vitrano get back into his home.  Sgt. Vitrano was found by Cops Helping Cops during their December trip and found that the Officer was living in substandard conditions.  More details to Follow.




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