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Here, you will be able to directly download our PSA in different formats.


AVI Version:  High Quality - Video Players, Media Players

MPG4 Version:  Good for Zunes, Ipods, some mobile phones, and mini players

WMV:  Small Version - Some mobile phones and PDA's

WMV:  Large Version - Media Player and some PDA's


To Watch a PDA version, click here


This is a Public Service Announcement done for us by John Walsh and America's Most Wanted.


Please try to have your local media play these as much as possible.  If you need further information, please contact us.

After watching this, please consider making a donation.

We are in need of funding so that we can help these Emergency Service Workers get home now.

EVERY little bit helps.  The more you can donate the better.

Donations can be made at: 

or mailed to:

Cops Helping Cops
C/O Undersheriff David Fowler
2805 - 135th Avenue
Hersey, MI 49639
United States





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