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 Cops Helping Cops News - Norm's Sport and Marine


Norm's Sport and Marine

5576 Holton Rd (M120) Twin Lake MI, 49457 / Phone 800.403.4932 / Fax 231.828.5090


September 3, 2005


As the Osceola County Sheriffs' Office got prepared for their trip down to the Gulf region, they called Norm's Sport and Marine to see if their new boat was ready to go.  Undersheriff Fowler, recognizing that they might also need a really good boat mechanic asked Norm to join them.  Norman St. Andrews didn't need to be asked twice.

Taking a boat right off the showroom floor, Norm prepped a second boat.  This amazing gesture, unbeknownst to Norm at the time, would save the lives of many victims.  Norm and his crew worked through the night and had both boats ready to go in less than 24 hours.

After driving for two days and arriving in New Orleans, Norm was already being put to use within his first few minutes.  One of the boats was no longer operational and it looked like the next day was going to be with one with a boat short.  Not while Mr. St. Andrews was around.  Once again Norm stepped up and worked through the night.

"I couldn't believe it" said Christopher Lyons.  "Here I'm meeting this guy for the first time, he introduces himself and says that my request has been completed.  I was so tired, it took me a minute to realize what he was talking about.  We went to bed with one of the boats in bad shape.  I couldn't believe Norman had fixed this this boat literally overnight"

Thanks to Norm St. Andrews many lives were saved.  Cops Helping Cops would like to recognize Norm and Norm's Sport and Marine, for stepping up when others may have backed away.  Norm not only made sure that all boats were seaworthy all the time, but was out there everyday helping others

Good Job Norman St. Andrews!!! - Owner of Norm's Sport and Marine




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