What is expected










































Q: What is expected of me if I go?


A:  You be expected to act professionally.  You will be expected to work to YOUR capacity.  In simple terms:  Just do your best.



Q: Are there rules that need to be followed?

You must be able to fully work with others, take suggestions, and "roll with the punches".  This means if your rank is a Captain, Chief, or a rookie.  Everyone is an equal. These projects can change on a moment to moment basis.  This can make things stressful enough.  We need to work as a team.  Our goal is to change someone's life.  Please, do everyone a favor:  LEAVE YOUR EGO AT HOME.  If you can't take a simple suggestion or if someone questions something your doing and your going to act like a 2-year old or have a "problem with people giving you direction...please, stay home.  This trip is meant to be an enjoyable experience.  Not a type "A" "Don't tell me what to do".  Sometimes one of us may ask you to do something a certain way or tell you an answer you may not be happy about.  We are not going out of our way to hurt you.  If you want to ask why, ask.  There's probably a reason.  Or, just roll with it and move on.



A:  Of course there are rules.  There are not many, however, they are in place for a reason.  You may not understand why, but we expect everyone to follow them.


You will treat everyone who you are working with respect.  If you have any issues with anyone and it is going unresolved, you are to bring it to one of us. 



We have these rules in place to make sure everyone has a good time and  things don't get out of line or someone gets hurt.  

  +There will be ABSOLUTELY NO drinking at the job site.  
  +You will NOT be out partying every night.  
  +We have two supervised nights to take everyone out and show them some of what New Orleans has to offer.  These are the only time drinking will be allowed.  You will go and return AS A GROUP.  
  +There will be ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol consumed in the vehicles.  It's our insurance.  
  +You will NOT show up to work under the influence or suffering from a hangover.  

Q:  What will happen if I decide I am going to do what I feel like and break the rules?


A:  Its pretty simple.  YOUR GOING HOME whether you like it or not.  These rules are in place for a reason.  We have a NO tolerance policy and it will be enforced.  Understand, this is not because we believe in ruining your good time.  You are here to help someone and to change that persons life for the better.  You will be responsible for ALL charges incurred to send you home early.